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iPad Mini Giveaway Dec 2013

The iTeach Hub would like to announce an exciting new giveaway, thanks to the support some great developers. Very soon, one lucky member will win an iPad Mini and over $250 in apps to load onto it. The total value of this prize is approx $600. How awesome is that? To be eligible to win this fantastic prize, people must be a member of iTeach: Apps for the Classroom, and complete a range of simple tasks (a bit of social media love goes a long way!). Scroll down the page, check out our fantastic developers and enter at the bottom via the electronic raffle (message me if you need help figuring it out).


About the iPad Mini

The iPad Mini that we are giving away is a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini. It has a 7.9 inch screen, 10 hours of battery life, a 5 megapixel camera, video recording capabilities, access to around 300,000 apps in the App Store, and more! It is perfect for homes, school, or anywhere! You can find out more about the iPad Mini HERE. The iTeach Hub’s iPad Mini is sponsored by two developers that I have great respect for – Pyxwise Software Inc and Little Monkey Apps (Aleesha Kondys). Both of these major sponsors are contributing entire collections of their codes to our lucky winner. In addition, Therapy Box have also generously provided an entire collection of their apps to our lucky winner as well. All of the apps created by these three developers are of exceptional quality for classroom, therapy and home use. I am very excited for our winner!

Pyxwise Logo ad

Pyxwise Software Inc. is a husband and wife team based in Canada. Together, Craig and Lisa have the skills to provide top quality educational resources for school across the world. Craig’s skills include computer programming and software development, while Lisa’s passion is educating students of all ages. Pyxwise Software apps focus on helping literacy development in students, from early years up to secondary school. As well as sponsoring the iPad Mini, Pyxwise have generously donated a full set of apps to the lucky winner. Alone, any one of these apps are comprehensive for teachers and therapists, but together, you have a powerful program which you can use and track your students. Click on the picture logo above or the pictures below to find out more about Pyxwise Software and the fabulous apps they make.

Little Monkey Apps Logo ad

Little Monkey Apps are based in Australia. They are a small team of teachers dedicated to improving mathematical knowledge and understanding for students in primary / elementary school. Considerable care has been taken to align each app with different curriculum standards across the globe, which means that you know that each app you use, is relevant to your education department’s outcome statements. I have watched Little Monkey Apps grow over the last few years and am proud to say that their apps are some of the first apps that I ever purchased. As well as sponsoring the iPad Mini, Little Monkey Apps have generously donated a full set of apps to the lucky winner, and a runner up set. Alone, any one of these apps are ideal for classroom use, but together, you have a powerful program which to target maths skills and concepts. Click the picture logo above to take a tour through the Little Monkey Apps website to see video demonstrations and detailed information on each app.

Therapy Box logo ad

Our third contributor to our iPad Mini Giveaway is Therapy Box. Therapy Box is a business that specialises in communication and therapy apps for people of all ages and abilities. Therapy Box also provides iPad Bundles, communication accessories and training for UK customers. Therapy Box are committed seeking the latest innovations in app development to meet the needs of those who have communication difficulties due to a range of disabilities arising from cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, autism, Brain Injuries and other neurological and developmental disorders. They are dedicated to finding solutions that are affordable, easy to use and high quality. Our lucky iPad Mini winner will win the set of apps shown in the picture logo above, as well as the new app ChatAble which will be released soon. Click the picture logo above to check out the Therapy Box website.

So what will the WINNER receive? A 16GB iPad Mini (colour of your choice); a set of 6 amazing apps from Pyxwise Software Inc (valued at $24); a set of 16 fantastic apps from Little Monkey Apps (valued at $33); and a set of awesome apps from Therapy Box (valued at over $240). As a bonus, a runner-up will win a full set of apps from Little Monkey Apps. Enter via the electronic form below.

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78 thoughts on “Giveaway – iPad Mini

  1. Great apps can’t wait to try them.

  2. Great Giveaway !

  3. Have started my entry – oh, what fun!! With 5 kids (and hubby) battling over the iPad, an additional one wouldn’t go astray. Finally something that I could call my own that I can dedicate solely to my classroom’s educational needs without having movies and music fighting for room with the apps… And oh, the apps – what a wonderful collection of useful and fun apps to entertain and educate.

  4. Awesome Giveaway and so generous :)

  5. Wow you do so much for us thanks for your time and great apps

  6. Winning an iPad mini loaded with apps would mean more than just me helping the students at CSDE, but also, because I train the teachers in ICT, it would mean I would be able to pass on the word to them about all the fabulous apps availabe to them (as I already do) and show them how they can use them to help their students’ learning development.

  7. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this competition, winning would give the opportunity for my children and family to discover, interact and engage with learning materials we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

  8. Winning the iPad mini would be awesome as I would be able to use the fantastic apps with my students at school and at my tutoring centre. It is obvious that in this technological world that we live in kids are much more enthusiastic towards learning when it includes the use of technology and they would be so engaged with the huge variety of apps you are so generously giving away to the lucky winner. I have my fingers crossed it will be me :)

  9. Have found some great apps, thank you for your great effort & such a generous giveaway for one lucky person.

  10. What a fantastic prize, such quality apps. Thank you so much for bringing these apps to our attention

  11. I love your Facebook page. It’s great to be shown a range of cheap and free apps that I can download for my students at school. Thank you very much.

  12. winning the I pad mini with all the apps would help my son so much to communicate to progress with his goals in school and in therapy and help decease his frustrations when he goes out and in the community
    thank you for this chance

  13. This would be cool! Thanks for doing it!

  14. Our school is desperately in need of technology for its special needs students. The iPad mini would help us out a great deal.

  15. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway, I love your Facebook page and look forward to exploring these great sponsors.

  16. Winning the iPad Mini with the apps would be amazing as I am a student teacher just starting to build my collection of teaching resources. These apps would be an incredible addition that would help me build the collection of resources I will need to begin my teaching career. Thank you so much for this opportunity! :)

  17. Having a dedicated iPad mini for the classroom would be great. Besides its portability, it comes loaded with some fabulous aps. Thank you for offering this amazing prize!

  18. Thanks! Would love to win and use it with my 2nd graders!

  19. I have been working in a school of 700 students, majority come from disadvantage homes or have a learning disability or Autism and don’t have the access to technology that other students do. Our school doesn’t have the funds other schools do to invest in technology, I on the odd occasion will borrow on of my boys ipads (which were purchased through funding as I am a single Mum) but as both of my children have Autism and take their iPads to school to help them communicate and undertake school work, but taking their iPads I would disadvantage them. My goal is to support as many children as I can at school by progressing their learning and development through the use of technology. This ipad would literally be helping hundreds of children.

  20. Thank you for the opportunity of winning an iPad mini and all of the apps. Wow what a difference winning this would make not only for me but for all of my students. I must also thank you for your time and effort Kylie Turner in providing reviews and giveaways for some great apps to use in the classroom.

  21. Oh wow…. Winning the iPad mini with all of the apps loaded on it would help me SO MUCH. I am a first year teacher in an urban charter school with not much access to technology. By winning this contest I would be able to enhance my reading centers and help my students progress in this crazy technology filled world we live in!

  22. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win a ipad mini. It is a fantastic prize with such quality apps. Many thanks for bringing these apps to our attention

  23. Really excited about this giveaway. Have been a fan of many of these sites and am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. Awesome and thank you to the Iteach Hub – Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

  24. As a preservice teacher, the ipad mini would be a great resource to have for use inthe classroom. Also the facebook page, has given me a ton of ideas.

  25. Winning this means my 3 year old would be able to communicate with us. She has Myotonic Dystrophy and a severe phonological disorder so speech is very difficult. With 3 other children with disability, we can’t afford to buy one ourselves.

  26. As a first year teacher next year, iTeach has blown me away with how many amazing apps there are out there for the classroom. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this competition.

  27. I would love to win not only the iPad mini but also the apps that have been included. What an exciting way to start the new 2014 school year! The looks on the students faces when they get to investigate a new app is priceless!

  28. This is an awesome giveaway…

  29. This would be a great start to my teaching career!!

  30. As a uni student in my final year of my teaching degree, juggling around a soon to be high school student and 2 primary school student kiddies…I see how invaluable an iPad would be for home and teaching. iTeach: Apps for the Classroom provides many insights into great education apps available…fingers and toes crossed!!!

  31. What an amazing giveaway!!! You guys rock!!!

  32. I’m currently a SAHM and am doing relief teaching! I am finding that a vital tool in walking into a classroom as a CRT is an iPad and a good repertoire of apps! It was get you out of trouble, fill in time, provide support for students and much more – winning this iPad would be wonderful for me and my children and the apps that come with it would not only be great for my children at home but also fantastic to use in the classroom on my relief days!

  33. An i-pad mini to engage my son with reading and maths would be amazing :)

  34. Thanks iTeach Hub for giving us this exciting opportunity to win an iPad mini. Would love to win, as an extra iPad to share with my students in my own class would be great!! I’d be able to customise apps specifically for the needs of my students, rather then have to have standard iPads shared within the whole school where I need to constantly delete and redownload apps. Would be less of a headache to have another personal iPad in the classroom that is specially customised for my specific kids. Fingers crossed!!

  35. Wow, This is an exciting giveaway that would be amazing to win. Over the past 13 years I have been a stay-at-home mum to 4 beautiful children. Prior to this I was a high school business teacher. During the last 6 months I have been trying to get myself classroom ready for a return to teaching in the new year, but I have been a little intimidated by the amount of technology. Winning this iPad mini would be a fantastic asset along with all the wonderful apps that I have been looking at on your website. Thankyou for this resource it has helped me gather my confidence.

  36. Completely agree with Josie. So hard personalising school iPads for spec ed kids. Easier to use my own but constantly having to delete apps so that I can try new ones. Having one just for my students that I can control (pay for apps if I want to) would be ideal.

  37. Winning the iPad mini would be wonderful for my students to be able to use it in the classroom.

  38. This would be fabulous to have to use with the kids at the JD McCarty Center for Developmental Disabilities! It is a non-profit pediatric rehab hospital so budgets are always tight. Thanks for the opportunity. The apps all sound awesome :)

  39. I would love to win the iPad min and apps. Winning the ipad would be great as it means that I can keep the one I own for personal use and use the mini for school use, so that I don’t have to keep deleting things off which aren’t appropriate for children. Also as I am a fresh out of university graduate teacher so it means that I can build my app resource pool with enjoyable and educational apps which cater for a range of developmental levels. Thankyou for this opportunity.

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  41. I would love to win this!!! I don’t have an Ipad, but I do pass on the links to friends of mine without facebook, so they can use it in the classroom!!

  42. I think that winning the iPad mini full of the wonderful apps would be a great start to my teaching career for next year. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to enter.

  43. So cool…what an offer!

  44. I’d love to win the iPad mini! During the Christmas holidays, I have more time to check out good educational tools but no money so I would be very excited to win this! :) Thanks for the chance.

  45. What an awesome opportunity. These apps would really help starting out my teaching career.

  46. My kids would live it. It is such an awesome prize to win.

  47. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela. Somes up my teaching philosophy , really. iPads make educational portable and accessible. Thank you for the opportunity to win a mini iPad!

  48. Would love ipad mini. We dont have any I’s in the house. And thats all I hear about after school. Great prize! Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. It would be great to have an iPad mini full of apps in my classroom of 7 students with Autism. What a great way to start the year.

  50. I am entering to win for a good friend who is a reading tutor and works primarily with children with special needs. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Holidays.

  51. How exciting! Great competition guys!

  52. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  53. To win this ipad mini would mean that I would have an awesome device with outstanding apps for my son and he would be able to learn a great deal through this blessing.

  54. Having another ipad to use in the classroom would be fantastic and provide more opportunities for children, especially for those who are struggling

  55. Having an iPad mini would allow me to use more technology in my school counseling office. The little ones often need something to use as an “ice breaker” when troubled and I have found that using technology increases their comfort level AND they can be learning new or reinforcing concepts! Also, this is a great tech-tool for group counseling and role playing.

  56. My fingers are crossed

  57. Fantastic giveaway Kylie and team Turner….I love checking out the apps you have available.

  58. Having an iPad mini would give me the opportunity to differentiate in my classroom on a different level. You have so many great apps that would benefit my students…thanks for your support and the opportunity :)

  59. I would love to win this iPad mini with all of the great apps to use with my speech/language students.

  60. Fantastic device and fantastic apps – so useful for both home with my own kids and at work :-)

  61. Being a teacher who is a techno dinosaur in a fast paced classroom of the 21st century, it would give me an opportunity to shed my label as an ‘old fossil’, and step up and into the right time frame.and finally be on the same page as my 8 year old students.

  62. Great apps :-)

  63. Winning this would mean that I would be able to have an extra device in my classroom to be able my students to use technology in their learning. I love how versatile iPads are and make learning for kids so much more engaging.

  64. Winning the iPad Mini and apps would mean SO much to me, as it would enable me to give my 2 year old son a head start in this world of technology.
    Thankyou for the opportunity :)

  65. Would love to win an ipad so I no longer have to borrow my daughters.

  66. I think winning this Ipad Mini would be just the thing for me to get my teaching career off to a flying start…

  67. My students would be overwhelmed with excitement if I brought an Ipad Mini to our classroom!

  68. I would really like to give the Detroit at-risk preschoolers that I teach the opportunity to use an ipad at school. I don’t have the resources to buy one for my classroom, so this would be really useful.

  69. How exciting to be able to win an iPad mini with so many educational apps!

  70. Winning an iPad mini would mean that my year 2 class would have the opportunity too play, grow, laugh, learn and share a wide variety of educational and engaging apps on a daily basis. It would also allow my students with ASD to learn in an engaging way.

  71. Would love to win your giveaway!

  72. So excited for this contest! It’s no wonder you have such a big milestone in membership this site has been such a wonderful resource for me.

  73. I would love to win an I pad. I AM a speech and language therapist based in mainstream schools.

  74. I would absolutely love to win an Ipad to use in my year 2 classroom this year! Engaging, fun learning activities is just what I need and my students would really benefit from an iPad. Pleasee pick me :-)

  75. My entries are in and my fingers are crossed. What a fantastic prize! My whole family would love it!

  76. Winning the miniiPad would mean a great deal to me, because I am a new teacher who will commence teaching in a small rural school, I believe the opportunity to use the iPad for teaching and learning would benefit the students I will teach, who are already disadvantaged, and it would also enable me to improve my teaching skills.

  77. Winning an iPad mini with wonderful teaching apps would mean that I would have a wonderful teaching tool to motivate my students!

  78. This would be so wonderful. Being a casual teacher – having an ipad mini and apps would be a great resource.

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