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Tips and Tricks for Your iDevice

This page has written and video tutorials on useful tips including different ways to prevent users getting into settings, setting screen time-limits, and locking users in an app.
Tips tricks and useful information for iPad and iPhone

Apps for Beginning Readers

Have a look at the apps that have proven to be useful for developing early reading skills.
Best learn to read apps

CLICK the link above to go to Autism Awareness Apps 2014 page. Welcome to The iTeach Hub. First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all the dedicated teachers, parents, speech language pathologists, therapists, and caregivers out there who are putting their very best into our children’s future.

My aim is to encourage and support this community by providing links to quality educational resources. I would like to see people engage and collaborate within this community, and there will be dedicated areas where people can share resources, comments and suggestions. I will let you know as soon as this is accessible.

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I believe that the following diagram depicts what our children need in order to have successful learning experiences. In essence, this is what I am trying to create here at The iTeach Hub.

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Let’s get down to business. This home page will act like a noticeboard, I will keep it updated with the latest news for you. As this is a new website, the content in each of the sections will be updated every day to include more resources and links for you.

I know there are some very interested people in our GIVEAWAYS. We were very lucky to receive support from nearly 40 developers and well over $2000 in giveaways. That just blows my mind, and I hope it blows yours as well. The giveaways are found in the Giveaways section of the website. Every day more will be added. The link above will take you to today’s red hot app deals. Remember, what makes us unique is the fact that the recommendations on this site are made by people that have relevant qualifications and training in education, communication and special needs.


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